smarty dish is leaving a white film on my dishes. what should I do?

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2016 06:40PM PST
white spotting or leftover residue is really annoying, but sometimes it happens if there is hard water where you live.

luckily we have a couple of easy fixes for you. if you're using our regular smarty dish tabs, just add a little white vinegar to the "rinse aid reservoir" in your dishwasher. it works like a rinse aid and helps the water run off, reducing spotting + filming. or you can use our smarty dish plus tablets instead. they work really well in hard water because they have rinse aid built in.

if there's a load in your dishwasher with residue on it, here are a couple ways you can remove it:
  1. start the dishwasher again. stop the program after the pre-wash + drain, when you hear it start to refill with water. open it, dump in a cup or two of white vinegar then start it back up again.
  2. put white vinegar on a sponge and use it to wipe the dishes, then rinse them immediately. this is only safe for stainless steel or plastic sinks, don't try it with enamel or porcelain sinks.
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